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The re:museum exhibition centers our permanent collection and the UK Art Museum itself through artworks, educational prompts, and other incisive displays. The artworks on view in re:museum draw from our Digital Learning Gallery, an online resource established through a UK Arts Extension Outreach Grant that connects art lovers from across the Commonwealth to our collection. re:museum offers visitors an opportunity to view objects up close and complements online engagement with unique in-person opportunities. Each item on view in re:museum includes contextual background information, contemplative prompts, and activities for a variety of ages and art experience levels.

In addition to the artwork on display, re:museum also features insights into the UK Art Museum’s history as well as details on how we install exhibitions and maintain a permanent collection of over 5,000 artworks. How high on the wall are paintings hung? What happens to a photograph before and after it is on view in an exhibition? What’s the oldest artwork in our collection? The answers to these questions and more can be found throughout the exhibition.


Top: Tony Matelli, Weed #294, 2014, painted bronze. Collection of the UK Art Museum, purchase: The Collectors Fund.

Bottom: Judith Page, Night Rain, 1981, twigs, acrylic, celluclay, Elmer’s wood glue, and black paint on plywood. Collection of the UK Art Museum, purchase: Gaines Challenge Fund.

Created 12/08/2021
Last Updated 04/07/2022