Jeanne Silverthorne: More Flesh and Bone

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Jeanne Silverthorne is an acclaimed and influential New York-based artist whose works take their cue from the human body, as well as domestic and industrial items including lighting fixtures and bulbs, junction boxes, and various packing materials. For decades, she has thought of her studio as a generative site where acts of thinking, making, destroying, and accepting take place.  

More Flesh and Bone includes new works made of cast rubber, which gives them a decidedly fleshy feel. Crates of varying sizes (with cartoon-like nails and painted wood grain) serve as pedestals for a spinning globe, a pair of skeletons, burnt-out lightbulbs, and a small self-portrait. The combination of these works offers a meditation on time, human effort, and nagging questions of success and failure.

Image: Jeanne Silverthorne, Crates with Skeletons, 2019, platinum silicone rubber, wood, and paint. Courtesy of the artist.
Created 10/26/2021
Last Updated 10/26/2021