Musicology & Ethnomusicology

The Division of Musicology and Ethnomusicology of the UK School of Music offers a superior education in musicology with its diverse faculty of scholars, its dual emphasis on traditional research and creative explorations in the field, its focus on collaborations between scholarship and performance, and its access to the extensive collections housed in the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library and the John Jacob Niles Center for American Music. The Musicology and Ethnomusicology Division is presently made up of seven full-time faculty and one part-time instructor, whose specialties range from the Medieval period to contemporary music, from chant and opera to fiddle tunes, folk songs, and Korean drumming, employing a wide variety of methodological approaches. The expertise of several faculty members reinforces the School of Music’s designated strengths in Opera/Vocal Music and American Music.

The School of Music offers two degrees in Musicology/Ethnomusicology: an M.A. and a combined M.A./Ph.D. The UK School of Music does not offer an undergraduate degree in musicology or music history, however there is a large selection of undergraduate course for majors and non-majors. Undergraduate students who plan to study musicology at the graduate level might wish to consider the B.A. degree in music, since it offers the most opportunity for advanced study, but those with other undergraduate music degrees can also pursue graduate study in the field.

Created 08/18/2021
Last Updated 08/18/2021