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Juan Trigos, Mexican-American composer and conductor born in Mexico City. The search for a personal musical language has led him to a concept he refers to as Abstract Folklore — A process in which he abstracts and assimilate various literary and vernacular musical traditions into a modern compositional rhetoric. Abstract Folklore includes creations in several genres such as Ballet, Opera, Cantata and Chamber Music. It also proposes a unique way to approach the Concerto and Symphony forms.

As a composer, whose work has been performed worldwide, two fundamental aspects distinguish his musical production: vocal music (opera and sacred) and instrumental music with a notable predilection for the concertante forms. His more relevant works include six symphonies, six operas, El Divino Narciso (The Divine Narcissus), Ella-Miau (She-Meow), DeCachetitoRaspado (CheekToStubbledCheek) and the trilogy Mis Dos Cabezas Piensan Peor Que Una (My Two Heads Think Worse Than One), three Concertante Cantatas, concertos for several instruments and his production for guitar. Important orchestras and institutions had commissioned him music compositions. Among the latest and most significant are: Conversiones for clarinet and piano, commissioned by clarinet player Vincent Dominguez (USA 2019); Suite for ensemble (Croatia 2019), commissioned by Cantus Ensemble; Four Poems by Ezra Pound commission for New Music USA 2017; Concerto Grosso composed for the Orquesta de Cámara del INBA (Chamber Orchestra of the National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico 2016); Symphony n. 4 Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahuan (Chants of Nezahualcoyotl), written with the support of  Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte – SNCA (Mexico 2016); Sonata for violin and piano, commissioned by Duo Francois (USA 2015); Sinfonia Breve written for the University of Central Florida (USA 2014), performed also by Orquesta Sinfónica de Sinaloa de las Artes (Mexico) and Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional of Guatemala; Clarinet Concerto with the support of the SNCA (2014), premiered by Camerata de Coahuila (Mexico 2014) and recorded by Orquesta Sinfónica de Heredia (Costa Rica, 2014);  Symphony N.3 Ofrenda a los muertos, commissioned and performed by the Houston Symphony (2013), also performed by Filarmónica del Estado de Querétaro (2018), Sinfónica del Estado de México (2018), Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (2014), Orquesta Sinfónica de Nuevo León (2014), and Orquesta Sinfónica de Guanajuato (2013); Cantata Concertante N. 3 Phos Hilaron, commissioned by the Diocesan Institute of Music and Liturgy of Reggio Emilia (chamber version 2011) and for the SNCA (orchestral version 2013); Concerto for Four Guitars for the Orchestra Sinfonica Tito Schipa (Italy 2010).

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