Jeremiah Kearns

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Theatre and Dance

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Lighting and Sound Design
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Jeremiah lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife Brandy where he is the Visiting Lecturer of Lighting and Sound at the University of Kentucky. He earned an MFA in Lighting Design from Indiana University in 2023 after completing a BFA in Rock Concert Technology from Northern Kentucky University in 2020. He began working with sound equipment at age 10 and has been honing his skills as a lighting and sound technician ever since. His passion is for storytelling. He finds his place ensuring others are heard and seen as they share their stories through performance on the stage. Jeremiah has a wide range of experience in both design and technical roles. A task oriented approach and attention to detail make his technical work excel, while his designs are a form of self expression. When not working on shows or homework, He enjoys watching football, constructing LEGO, and videography.

Created 07/19/2021
Last Updated 05/01/2024