Feb 16 2019 to May 5 2019
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Ralph Steadman, "Hunter S Thompson", ink, charcoal, gesso, and collage on paper

The UK Art Museum is one of the few American venues for this touring exhibition, originally curated by Anita O'Brien at the Cartoon Museum, London. Ralph Steadman is one of the world's most acclaimed artists/illustrators, and his work combines expressive and emphatic lines—and associated ink splatters—depicting a range of subjects. Viewers will experience highlights of Steadman's prolific career of more than sixty years, from the sketches he created as a student in the 1950s to present day drawings. His legendary collaborations with maverick journalist Hunter S. Thompson are featured, including their work documenting the Kentucky Derby for an article in Scanlan’s magazine in 1970, as well as images based on literary classics Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, and Animal Farm, among others.  

Image: RALPH STEADMAN, Hunter S Thompson, ink, charcoal, gesso, and collage on paper. Private collection, © Ralph Steadman.

Photo credit: Rikard Österlund

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