Alix Pearlstein: GRASS

Sep 8 2018 to Dec 9 2018
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still from GRASS video

Alix Pearlstein’s work in video and performance often brings together groups of actors to explore scripted and improvised movements and dialogue. The results possess a sense of purpose and restraint as the camera and participating bodies negotiate shared space. In 2017, we invited Pearlstein to visit Mill Ridge Farm, a family business in Lexington with a 50-year commitment to the breeding, care, and cultivation of thoroughbreds and the education of audiences about the horse industry.

The result is a 30 minute film, shot over three consecutive days on a single field at Mill Ridge, occupied by the same group of mares and foals. Scenery, point of view, time of day and activity varies, along with a spectrum of associated moods, atmospheres and tones. Her approach to filming emerged through prolonged observation of the temporal conditions of the horses daily lives and routines. This was founded on a premise to consider the field as a stage and the horses as actors. But with these actors there could be no directions, no notes or second and third takes - only responses. 

**The film will be shown as a projection in the small gallery downstairs at the Museum, and while not exactly connected to the Meatyard exhibitions, it will offer another way of looking at bodies in space.

Special thanks to VisitLEX for their generous support of our fall exhibitions and public programs. Additional support comes from the Albisetti Exhibition Fund, the College of Fine Arts, and WUKY.

image: still from ALIX PEARLSTEIN video: GRASS

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