Minor in Dance

Dance courses enhance critical thinking and analytical skills, cooperation and teamwork, self-expression and self-esteem, organization and problem solving and cultural literacy. They are also a great addition to opera and theater students who want to expand their skills and market themselves as versatile performers.

The Dance program in the Department of Theatre was launched in 2011. Several classes are available in modern, musical theatre, ballet and more, as well as an "Introduction to Dance" course under the UK Core Creativity and the Arts curriculum. The program presents one annual concert with guest choreographers. Auditions are open to all UK students. The 21-credit minor is available now.

Contact Susie Thiel: email, 859-257-3298

Dance Minor Course Requirements:

TAD 140 Introduction to Dance (3 credit hours)
TAD 141 Modern Dance I (2)
TAD 241 Modern Dance II (2)
TAD 245 Choreography (2)
TAD 370 Dance History (3)
TAD 392 Dance Practicum (1 cr 3)

Plus 6 hours from the following courses:

TAD 142 Ballet I(2 credit hours)
TAD 242 Ballet II (2)
TAD 143 Jazz Dance I (2)
TAD 243 Jazz Dance II (2)
TAD 246 Dance Improvisation (2)
TAD 447 Studies in Dance: Subtitle Required (2)

Check out this video from the 2012 dance concert.