Josiah Correll

During his first improv performance at the B Street Theatre in Sacramento, California, Josiah realized he had stumbled upon an art form that was incredibly meaningful to him. He had practiced improv games as acting exercises, but never before had he performed improv for an audience. It was at that moment he realized that improv would be something that remained a constant passion in his life.

Over the next ten years Josiah would receive training from some of the top improv institutions in the country, most notably at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City and The Second City in Chicago. He has taught and coached improv teams in New Delhi, Chicago and Houston but is even more thrilled to return to Kentucky to teach improv in his hometown of Lexington where his theatre education began.

Professionally Josiah has performed in several productions throughout the country. Some of the most notable productions being; Escanaba in da Moonlight at the B Street Theatre in Sacramento, While the Sun Shines a play that Josiah co-authored and produced with fellow UK Alum Nathan Richard Wagner, and Long Time Traveling a play by Silas House, which had its premiere here in Lexington.

Theatre & Dance
Part-Time Instructor


5A Fine Arts Building