Louder Than Words Dance Concert

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January 24 – 26, 7:30 p.m.  | January 27, 2 p.m. 
Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, 141 East Main Street

Our 8th annual dance concert presents innovative, exciting and thought-provoking choreography from a variety of choreographers.

Christopher Morgan is this year’s Artist in Residence. He is Artistic Director and executive director of Washington D.C.’s Dance Place and Director of his company CKM&A. He created a new work on seven of our dance students in one week. On defen(c)e is a dance that asks the performers to create barriers with their bodies as a physical metaphor for border and immigration struggles facing the world. Immigration is becoming increasingly urgent for many populations while mobility simultaneously becomes increasingly difficult. As countries around the world are grappling with shifting populations, I find myself asking "do good fences really make for good neighbors?" Personally, I'm not sure the answer is yes. By presenting a series of walls made of bodies that performers must navigate by bumping into, sliding along and weaving through, On defen(c)e is looking to humanize an issue that is challenging for all of us to address. 

Inspired by the vast region of the Pine Mountain Wildlands Corridor, Stephanie Harris’ newest work, Vestiges was developed as a means to connect her artistry to place. A member of the Pine Mountain Artist Collective, founded by the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust, Harris attended an artist retreat this fall to conduct research for her master’s thesis. Her deep connection to the natural world coupled with her interest in capturing the essence of ethereal subject matter and themes inspired this work. Vestiges, was created through a discovery of Pine Mountain, its ecosystems, its natural structures that were then interwoven with the textures and imagery obtained during her retreat. This information served as the source for the development of a movement language that resonates with place.

Lecturer Anthony Alterio’s new work delves into a world that every single human-being has reference too. Weddings. What do they mean? Who are they actually for? And what purpose do they serve? All of these questions have different answers for different people, religions, races, cultures, sexualities, and genders. Through the lens of a Western civilization of heteronormativism (assuming that all people are straight and only identify with the binaries of two genders) the piece beings to break down our ideas of what weddings can be and pushes our expectations to where they should be. Which Alterio believes is true love, joy, and celebration of life and people. Alterio asks when viewing the piece to think of these three things: 1.) Something new – Be open to other possibilities beyond how you have defined terms in your life, 2.) Something old – Reflect on your past memories and shared experiences with others, 3.) Something blue – It’s important to recognize what is important to you and your life. Be sure to save the date, you won’t want to miss this special occasion.

Theresa Bautista re-stages her work Trafficked for the UK Dance Concert Louder Than Words.  The journey to creating this dance work began two years ago when Bautista attended a presentation by the Nashville, Tenn., organization Poverty and the Arts in which a woman bravely shared her plight as a runaway who was trapped and sex trafficked. Our country is under the false impression that slavery ended with the Civil War. Unbeknownst to us, even in our own neighborhoods, people continue to be held against their will and are bought and sold at an alarming rate due to market demand. In this work, Bautista examines the various means used to recruit women and men into the sex trafficking trade.  Violence, drugs, and threats to loved ones are some of the manipulation and grooming techniques used to keep victims trapped in modern day slavery. Trafficked was made possible with funding from Contemporary Dance Theatre and originally premiered in June 2018 at the Area Choreographer’s Festival in Cincinnati, OH.

Director of Dance and Artistic Director of Louder Than Words, Susie Thiel creates a new work on eight dance majors and minors. Beyond the Breach, explores the unexpected changes that occur in life. The eight women represent the emotional and psychological portions of one woman going through a major life change.

Purchase tickets through the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center Box Office, 859-425-2550,  www.LexingtonKY.gov/DAC

Jan 24 2019, 7:30pm
Jan 25 2019, 7:30pm
Jan 26 2019, 7:30pm

Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, 141 East Main Street , Lexington, KY

Purchase tickets through the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center Box Office, 859-425-2550, www.LexingtonKY.gov/DAC