Accelerate Dance Concert

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Jan. 26 – 28

Accelerate: to undergo a change in velocity.

Accelerate: Dance Concert includes performances by UK dance minors and, as of the launch of the new BA in dance, dance majors. The students will be performing works by guest choreographers Sumi Clements and Taryn Vander Hoop of Summation, Stephanie Harris, Anthony Alterio, Theresa Bautista, Susie Thiel, and student Kye Miller. The Department of Theatre and Dance will present its seventh annual dance concert on January 26-28 at the Guignol Theatre.


What's That?, a new work by Sumi Clements and Taryn Vander Hoop of Summation Dance, a New York City based, all-female modern dance company. The work, set on 10 dancers in six days, explores the system of habitus as it relates to how we experience life in America. It portrays the dancers negotiating between microcosms and macrocosms of thought -- societal patterns as well as those stemming from their own psyche. Incorporating the dancers’ own personal narratives, the work oscillates between the collective and the individual, chaos and the intimate. What's That? is a journey through a collective consciousness as it questions how we preserve our humanity in the midst of an ever-changing and unpredictable society. Clements and Vander Hoop will be traveling by camper van around the country with their Project Highway HabitUS researching ideas of how geography shapes ideology, in conjunction with the social theories of habitus and performativity. 


Remove Permission is a work created by the department’s first student choreographer for the mainstage season. Junior Dance major Kye Miller’s dance explores the topic of sexual assault. Repetitive sequencing involving the manipulation of a mattress examines the thoughts and experiences of women in a society that perpetuates rape culture. Originally a solo work, the piece has been expanded to include two other dancers to illustrate themes of isolation and shared experiences.

Disclaimer: This piece contains content related to sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.


Inalienable Wrongs is a new work choreographed by Louisville-based choreographer and UK dance faculty Theresa Bautista. This abstract non-narrative dance explores the polarization of rights and privilege through physical, aural, and spatial tensions. When the inalienable rights of some alienate the rights of others, where do you draw the line?


Have you ever lost confidence or felt less important because of your surroundings? Lecturer in dance Anthony Alterio creates a new work, Deflated Queens!, which stems from these questions. This dance work is inspired by working hard, sticking it to the man, and just having a good time. Witness performers using self-expression to evoke pride and passion. This new work will inspire you to find your voice while kicking butt, taking names, and breaking the chain. Stop playing a man’s game and become a queen. Being deflated IS all that it is cracked up to be.


Dance faculty member, Stephanie Harris, spent time considering the concept of impermanence during the creation of her new dance work. A visual manifestation of impermanence can be found in nature through the magnificent display of starlings in flight in what is known as a Murmuration. When this occurs the birds shift and glide as if choreographed, filling in where others have just shifted away from with an ease and an intuitive understanding of how each movement impacts the unity of the whole. This work seeks to examine how we, similar to the starlings, externally adapt to our surroundings and to the rapid and evolving pace of our lives in the world around us. From this example, Harris also began to consider the concept of impermanence from an internal perspective as well. Through moments of self-examination and reflection we can develop a deeper understanding of our own identity and our place within this world. This process allows us to shed the parts of our character that are holding us back while bringing us closer to our true selves and in time a deeper peace and freedom in our existence can be found. Defined, the meaning of transfiguration is as follows: A complete change in form or appearance into a more beautiful and spiritual state.


Director of Dance Susie Thiel presents a new dance theatre work, created in collaboration with the dancers. In the Pursuit of…? questions and explores the search, trajectory and longing for happiness.


There will be a post-performance discussion immediately following the Sunday performance. Moderated by the choreographers and featuring the cast, crew and artistic team members, this is an exciting opportunity for audience members to talk about the production, exploring topics that range from the rehearsal process to the creative decisions behind the production or issues raised by the work.


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Jan 26 2018, 7:30pm
Jan 27 2018, 7:30pm
Guignol Theatre

Fine Arts Building, 465 Rose Street

$15 / $10 students