B.A. In Theatre

The Importance of Being EarnestStudents get hands-on training and one-on-one mentorship from a professional theatre faculty. Our liberal arts focus is coupled with ongoing career counseling to ensure successful transition from campus to professional life. Students are encouraged to find their passion and pursue it – many students participate in internships and study abroad opportunities as a core component of the undergraduate experience.

Official Degree Requirements and Course Information

Always be sure the check the full major requirements on the current UK Registrar Bulletin.  The details listed below are simplified for brevity and presented for your convenience.

The major in theatre must include the following:

UK Core Requirements

See the UK Core site for the complete UK Core requirements. The courses listed below are (a) recommended by the college, or (b) required courses that also fulfill UK Core areas. Students should work closely with their advisor to complete the UK Core requirements.

  • College Requirements (6 credit hours)
  • UK Core Requirements (30 credit hours)
  • Graduation Writing Requirement
  • Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement

Major Requirements

*TA 120 Creativity and the Art of Acting -OR- TA 126 Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting (3 credit hours)
TA 130 Freshman Cornerstone (1 credit hour)
TA 237 Acting: Scene Study -OR- TA 150 Creativity and the Art of Design & Production (3 credit hours)
TA 260 Stagecraft (3 credit hours)
TA 265 Costume Production (3 credit hours)
TA 275 Stage Management (3 credit hours)
TA 383 Play Analysis (3 credit hours)
*TA 385 World Theatre I (3 credit hours)
*TA 386 World Theatre II (3 credit hours)
TA 390 Theatre Practicum (repeat five times) (5 credit hours)
TA 490 Senior Capstone (1 credit hour)
One of following courses (3 credit hours):
TA 365 Costume Design, TA 367 Lighting Design, TA 369 Sound Design, TA 374 Scene Design
*Course may be used towards completion of a UK Core Requirement.

Major Subtotal: 33 credit hours

Theatre Electives

In addition, students are required to complete 12 credits of theatre electives. If a student has a particular interest area within theatre, these electives may be selected and completed within a specific theatre focus under the guidance of their advisor.

Performance Focus:

The Importance of Being Earnest 2015 - Photo by Dana Rodgers

TA 236 Acting: Comedy Styles (3cr)
TA 311 Audition Techniques (3cr)
TA 326 Advanced Acting
(Subtitle required) (3cr)
TA 336 Advanced Acting: Classical Styles (3cr)
TA 225 Vocal Production for the Stage I (3cr)
TA 330 Theatre Directing I (3cr)
TA 530 Experiment in Directing (3cr)
TAD 141 Modern Dance I (2cr)
TAD 241 Modern Dance II (2cr)
TAD 142 Ballet I (2cr)
TAD 242 Ballet II (2cr)
TAD 143 Jazz Dance I (2cr)
TAD 243 Jazz Dance II (2cr)
TAD 147 Beginning Musical Theatre Dance (2cr)
TAD 347 Advanced Musical Theatre Dance (2cr)
TA 348 Musical Theatre Technique (3cr)
TAD 244 Dance Improvisation (1cr)
TAD 245 Choreography (2cr)
TA 399 Field Based
Community Based Education (1-15cr)
TA 300 Special Projects in Theatre
(Subtitle required) (1-3cr)
TA 395 Independent Work (1-3cr)

Design and Technology

Much Ado About Nothing 2014 - Photo by Dana Rodgers

*TA 150 Creativity and the Art of
Design and Production (3cr)
TA 365 Costume Design (3cr)
TA 367 Lighting Design (3cr)
TA 374 Scene Design (3cr)
TA 368 Visual Storytelling (3cr)
TA 470 Advanced Project in Design (3cr)
TA 361 Graphics for Theatre (3cr)
TA 499 Professional Theatre
Internship (1-12cr)
TA 350 Topics in Theatre (3cr)
TA 395 Independent Work (1-3cr)
*Course may be used towards
completion of a UK Core Requirement

Playwriting Focus:

TA 516 Playwriting (3cr)
TA 526 Playwriting II (3cr)
TA 370 Staging History (3cr)
TA 387 Seminar in Dramatic Literature
(Subtitle required) (3cr)
TA 395 Independent Work (1-3cr)

General Theatre
Studies Focus:

In the Red and Brown Water 2015 - Photo by Dana Rodgers

*TA 110 Theatre: An Introduction (3cr)
*TAD 140 Introduction to Dance (3cr)
TA 286 Social Action Theatre (3cr)
TA 384 Black Theatre Workshop (3cr)
TA 387 Seminar in Dramatic Literature
(Subtitle required) (3cr)
FA 501 Arts-Study Tour (3cr)
HON 352 Study and Travel Abroad
(Subtitle required) (3cr)
TA 485 French Theatre: Culture, Text
and Performance (3cr)
TA 587 Gender and Performance
(Subtitle required) (3cr)
TA 584 Asian Theatre (3cr)
*Course may be used towards
completion of a UK Core Requirement.

Theatre Elective Subtotal: 12 credit hours


Students can choose electives to lead to the minimum total of 120 hours required for graduation.

Total: 120 credit hours minimum