The University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts

Ticket Processing Fees

The Singletary Center for the Arts is partially funded by convenience and handling fees on ticket purchases. Ticket Processing Fees are standard in the ticketing industry and have been in place as long as the Singletary Center has provided ticketing services.  Revenues from ticketing fees are used to offset the cost of ticket office staff, ticketing hardware, maintenance, software and licensing for our seven day a week operation.  Ticketing fees apply to every transaction, regardless of purchase or payment method.

There is a $1 fee to have your tickets mailed if bought over the phone. If bought online there is a $4.50 fee to mail and a $1 fee to opt for Will Call. You can purchase tickets online and choose PRINT AT HOME for no charge.


In Person/Phone Processing Fees PER TICKET:

  • $0-$10 Ticket Price: $1
  • $11-$20 Ticket Price: $2
  • $21-$35 Ticket Price: $3
  • $36-$50 Ticket Price: $4
  • $51-$64 Ticket Price: $5
  • $65-up Ticket Price: $6

On-line Processing Fees PER TICKET:

  • $0-$19 Ticket Price: $2.50
  • $20-$34 Ticket Price: $4
  • $35-$49 Ticket Price: $5.50
  • $50-$64 Ticket Price: $6.50
  • $65-up Ticket Price: $7.25

Common Myths & Questions About Our Ticketing Fees

"SCFA retains the revenue from the price of the ticket. Why do you need to charge additional fees?"
SCFA does not retain the ticketing revenue for most performances taking place within our venue. The face value of your ticket goes to the artist or to the various presenting organizations that sponsor concerts at SCFA.  The Singletary Center provides the ticketing service, and that is what the additional fees support.

"Isn't SCFA a non-profit organization that is funded by the state or the University of Kentucky? Why do you need all those additional fees?"
SCFA only receives money from the state to pay a few of our full time employees and is largely self-funded. Therefore we have to generate other sources of revenue to maintain the day-to-day staffing of the center (part-time, student, and temporary staff) and operation costs enabling us to offer our various services, including our seven day a week and 24-hour web ticketing operation.

"Why can't you just roll the fees into the ticket price?"
Because SCFA does not retain the ticketing revenue for all performances, we cannot roll that fee into the price of the show. We like to be clear and direct about those ticketing fees being separate and where they are going.

"I wasn't told there would be an additional fee."
It is up to the sponsoring organization of the event to announce the fees in their advertising and promotions. Part of each ticketing contract with SCFA is a stipulation making the presenting organization responsible for advertising the fees. SCFA promotes the fees on our website for greater transparency.