SA/VS Equipment Request

Photo & Digital Media Request for Equipment

Students will be required to give final agreement to all Financial Responsibility policies and physically sign their request in order to pick up any equipment. For all other students or instructors not in photo & digital media please review this form NON-ENROLLED STUDENT AUTHORIZATION FORM. Requests for equipment must be received 1 day prior (maximum).

Please be sure to read the SA/VS TECHNOLOGY POLICY, you are required to agree in order to make use of SA/VS photo and digital media equipment.

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In the lower right of the front of your Student or Employee ID is either an 8 or 9 digit number. If you have a 9 digit number please leave off the 9 and enter the following 8 digits. Those with 8 digit numbers enter all. For example, if your Wildcard ID# is 912345678, you would enter 12345678. If it is 12345678, enter that.
Please select the class you are enrolled in. Equipment rental is restricted to specific students, and specific classes have specific equipment available to them.
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