UK Core

The School of Art & Visual Studies offers a wide variety of UK Core courses in Art Studio, Art Education, and Art History & Visual Studies.  These courses can be used to satisfy the following requirements: 1) The Nature of Inquiry in Arts and Creativity, 2) The Nature of Inquiry in the Humanities, 3) Community, Culture and Citizenship, and 4) Global Dynamics.

Courses offered by the UK SA/VS prepare students for a world increasingly reliant on visual communication. Students enrolled in our courses practice creative strategies and idea development, engage visual culture and art both past and present, and learn to read and author the complex visual codes that surround them.

The Nature of Inquiry in Arts and Creativity

  • A-E 120 Pathways to Creativity in the Visual Arts
  • A-S 102 Two-Dimensional Surface
  • A-S 103 Three-Dimensional Form
  • A-S 130 Drawing
  • A-S 200 Introduction to Digital Art, Space and Time
  • A-S 270 Ceramics for Non-Majors
  • A-S 280 Introduction to Photographic Literacy
  • A-S 300 Digital Photography
  • A-S 340 Introduction to Graphic Design
  • A-S 380 Black & White Darkroom Photography

The Nature of Inquiry in the Humanities

  • A-H 101 Introduction to Visual Studies
  • A-H 105 Ancient Through Medieval
  • A-H 106 Renaissance Through Modern
  • A-H 334 Reframing Renaissance Art

Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA

  • A-H 360 Visual Culture of Politics

Global Dynamics

  • A-H 104 African Art and Its Global Impact
  • A-H 311 The Arts as Soft Power: The Japanese Tea Ceremony