Reilly Deller

INTERESTS: Traditional media (painting, photography, and screen printing)

Hi, I'm Reilly Deller - an Art Ed and Studio double major with a minor in Digital Media Design! I was a full time DMD major until my second semester of Sophomore year, when I realized that I wanted to pursue Art Ed at an elementary level (never be afraid to switch to what you feel is truly calling you). I primarily focus in traditional media, concentrating in Painting, Screen Print, and both Digital and Film Photography. I also love working digitally in Adobe Creative Cloud, focusing in Graphic Design. Along with art, I also have many other interests! I am a DJ for WRFL, which is UK's very own Radio Station located in the Student Center. My show is called “Red Radio” where I play mostly Indie and Alternative music. I love fitness and work at a local gym in Lexington called Bodyfit. I have two Springer Spaniels back home in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Remi and Rosie, who I love to death! I really started to get into art in High School, where I took my very first art class as a Freshman. As my love for art blossomed, I started to get involved in clubs and local competitions in my area. I attended The Cleveland Institute of Art as a Sophomore for their Pre-College Program. I was the Vice President of National Honors Art Society, where we actually started the club in my High School. As I grew more confident in my art, I would enter different galleries around Pittsburgh. I was showcased in my first professional gallery called Captured Pittsburgh for photography in 2017 and continued to enter as many galleries as I could (you can never enter in enough, get your art out there for the world to see!) My best advice for young artists is just to keep pushing yourself and ALWAYS practice (yes, that means everyday) trust me, it makes a world of difference. 


I wanted to become a CFA Student Ambassador because The University Of Kentucky Fine Arts is my life. I am so passionate about my college, SAVS and I believe that UK as a community truly flourishes in the arts. We have so many talented professors and amazing students that everyone deserves to see. I want to help prospective students in anyway possible by pursuing a career in the art field! Don't be afraid to pursue an education and career in the arts, trust me it's worth it! 

Art Education
Art Studio
Digital Media Design Minor