School of Art & Visual Studies Research Facility at UK Coldstream Farm

With the generous support of a recently acquired equipment grant for the ceramics program, SA/VS has collaborated with the College of Agriculture to create a research facility on the picturesque UK Coldstream Farm.  As part of a Special Topics course during the summer of 2012, Assistant Professor Hunter Stamps and Jeremy Colbert (Ceramics/Sculpture Technician) led a group of students in the construction of a 16-foot long anagama wood-burning ceramic kiln. The complex includes a roof structure, designed by Lynn Sweet (Facilities Operator), which protects the kiln and provides dry storage for the wood.

The kiln is fired once each semester, providing students with the opportunity to learn how melting wood ash creates nature ash glazes. The kiln is also a powerful community builder since the kiln is fired for 60-70 hours and students work 6-hour shifts around the clock, constantly stoking wood into the kiln. The Artfarm site offers great opportunities for future experimental class projects and unique interdisciplinary learning events.

As the kiln is in the middle of a undeveloped field, it is not disability accessible without extensive personal aid.