Episode 10 of CFA Community Conversations

In Episode 10 of our College of Fine Arts Community Conversation series, Susie Thiel, Associate Professor of Dance and the Director of Dance at UK, connects with Shannon Burgess, Bachelor of Arts in Dance, 2018 (and the first official Dance major graduate of the University of Kentucky).

As the first graduate of the BA in Dance program, Shannon reflects upon the art of dance, the evolution of the Department of Theatre and Dance's BA Dance Major, and his future career. Susie shares some insight into the creation of the site-specific dance concert, EchoLocation: The Mobile Tourpremiering April 2 - 3, 2021.

The UK College of Fine Arts is a family. We support each other. We learn from each other. To celebrate the power of our network, we've launched a new series. CFA Community Conversations build bridges, connecting alumni, faculty, staff, and students through shared experiences.

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