Guerrilla Art, Interventions and Social Engagement students install mural near Bolivar Gallery

In November 2020, students in the School of Art and Visual Studies’ Guerilla Art class led by Professor Lee Ann Paynter, installed an original mural near UK’s downtown campus on Emmaline Lane, just west of 236 Bolivar Street, which houses the School of Art and Visual Studies and the Bolivar Art Gallery.


“We knew we wanted to do a mural project and discussed it early on in the semester. We scouted some locations that were offered to us, and continued looking. Aaron Abbott noticed this wall on Emmaline Lane on his way to school one day, and realized it was a great location for our mural and he actually knows the owner! It was really Aaron's connection to Mr. Queen that got us this great location,” says Lee Ann Paynter, lecturer in Digital Media Foundations and Photography.

Students submitted design ideas to the class in mid-September of 2020, and the top three top designs (by Aaron Abbott, Emma Wagner and Laura Warren) were shared with the building owner, Jeff B. Queen, in early October, who made the final decision to go with the design by Emma Wagner, Sophomore in Art Studio.

Wagner designed the overall mural along with Thomas Arney and Michael Lozovoy, and installation of the nearly 200 ft. long mural began in early October. Students in the class were able to create individual components of the mural in the form of “personal character designs” which integrate with the chrome balloons that spell out the words “IMAGINE NATION.”

“Students worked sometimes during class time, and also were scheduled on their own time outside of class. The huge wall was a daunting task for us, even as a group,” continues Paynter. Mindful of COVID-19 restrictions, an outdoor mural project presented a perfect opportunity for distance learning. “But one good thing about that large space was the ability to spread out and use social distancing practices.” 

The students would like to thank the School of Art and Visual Studies and the College of Fine Arts for supporting this project, as well mentor, Spencer Reinhard, Lexington native and international mural artist.

To learn more about the Guerrilla Art, Interventions and Social Engagement class and their work, visit their Facebook page