Dr. Everett McCorvey presents at Brazilian Choral Festival

Last week Dr. Everett McCorvey, Director of UK Opera Theatre, virtually participated in the Semana de Canto Coral Festival “Henrique de Curitiba” Choir Week: Virtual Edition, held in Curtibia, Brazil.  

The annual international choral festival was held virtually from July 7th-12th in Curitiba, Brazil, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. The “Henrique de Curitiba” Choir Week is an annual event produced as through an initiative between the Santa Maria Chapel, a major performance venue, and the Curtibia Institute of Arts and Culture, and named after the well-known Brazilian choral composer, Henrique de Curtibia Morozowicz.  



Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s festival was held virtually with videos of presentations and performances broadcast for free on the Capela Santa Maria Facebook page, featuring performances by several UK School of Music and UK Opera Theatre alumnus including Calista Day and the American Spiritual Ensemble

“It has been a privilege and honor to collaborate with Mara Campos, Janete Andrade, Bruno Haller and their entire team in the Semana de Canto Coral "Henrique de Curitiba" - Edição Virtual Festival. This week of singing will engage choirs and communities from around the world as we celebrate great choral music in the choral repertoire. I am also always honored to work with my American colleague Dr. Keith McCutchen who is a musical force here in America.  It is my hope that through this choral festival we will continue to foster goodwill and understanding between our countries as music can so easily accomplish.  During this time of the COVID-19, the importance of music could not be greater.  We turn to music in times of struggle and in times of great joy. Choirs around the world are turning to virtual performances to continue to connect with their organizations and their communities. This choral festival is touching many lives through the work of 17 international choirs in 17 international communities. I am delighted that my choir, the American Spiritual Ensemble is able to contribute to this international festival. I look forward to the final day of the festival, when all of the choirs will come together to perform, including one of the works by Keith McCutchen and myself, “Ol’ Time Religion/When The Saints.” I will look forward to the time when we will be able to collaborate again, and hopefully this time, in person.” - Dr. Everett McCorvey

View the closing performance, Hallelujah for Soulful Celebration, featuring the American Spiritual Ensemble.

Screen shot of virtual performance featuring the American Spiritual Ensemble
"Hallelujah do Messias de Haendel: A Soulful Celebration!" virtual performance featured 170  singers under the conduction of Keith McCutchen (Kentucky State Univeristy), Mara Campos, and Dr. Everett McCorvey.