CFA Community Conversations with Dr. Lori Hetzel and Tegan Miller

In Episode 08 of CFA Community Conversations, Dr. Lori Hetzel, Associate Director of the School of Music, Professor of Music Education, and Associate Director of Choirs talks with alum Tegan Miller, Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Minor in Spanish 2010. The two reminisce about the UK Women's Choir and their shared love of music education.

The UK Women’s Choir planned an event in spring of 2020 to celebrate Dr. Hetzel’s 25th Anniversary with the School of Music. Due to COVID-19 that event was cancelled. A virtual celebration was held instead during a Women's Choir rehearsal. Tegan Miller jumped at the chance to Zoom in.

“This year has really taken the wind out of my sails, as it has I’m sure for so many of us, especially in the choral world. I think I had just conceded that it would be many years before I would hear a group of people sing together again and to be quite honest, was starting to forget what the magic of standing in front of a choir felt like. Hearing the glorious sound of the UK Women’s Choir was so overwhelming, I immediately burst into tears. And seeing Dr. Hetzel in action with them once again reminded me why we do what we do and reinvigorated my weary soul. What a precious gift this was for us.”

While at UK, Tegan served as the coach of Paws and Listen and as President of the UK Women’s Choir. After graduation, she taught music at Tates Creek Middle before moving to New York City to pursue a career in musical theatre and conducting. As a Musical Director, she most recently directed the off-Broadway musical The Office – The Musical ParodyIn addition to her performing and conducting work, Tegan is founder of the MTC Music Academy which focuses on music education and online instruction for all ages. Recently, Tegan relocated to Savannah, Georgia, and is currently working to open a second location for the MTC Music Academy while also doing educational outreach for the American Traditions Vocal Competition.

Tegan is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Choral Conducting at Simpson College.

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