New Look & Feel for CFA

Welcome to the new CFA!  While much of the same content is available in the same place as before, some major changes have come to — and more changes are coming in the near future.

If you are having issues:

Due to major changes in design and backend structure, some returning visitors may encounter some display and functionality issues.  No worries!  It may be your browser cache conflicting with the new site. Official instructions for clearing the cache on popular browsers are linked below.

*Please note that IE 8, 9, and 10 reached End of Life on January 12, 2016 and are no longer supported.  If you are using an older version of IE then please, for your own security and safety, upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer.

If you are still having issues after clearing your cache and refreshing all pages, please submit a bug report and the webmaster will get back to you as soon as possible.  If it seems like we missed something or a link is bad, send us a report through the same form.  Please be patient if you are reporting a bug in the first few weeks, as there may be a higher volume of reports to process.

What changed?

Most obvious for the average visitor: the look!  This is an all new design — a fresh coat of paint to update our style, feature and elevate the work of our community, make navigating easier, and put the important things front and center.  The menus now have better touchscreen compatibility, the site will display better no matter what device or screen you visit on, and moving between departments is easier than ever.  Patrons will find it quicker and easier to discover events to attend and access the online ticket office.  Students, Faculty, and Staff will find information more concise and quick to access.  The UK College of Fine Arts logo in the upper left now offers a dropdown of quick links to University resources, and the home icon in the upper right offers a dropdown menu that replaces the department tabs on the previous site design.

Frequent visitors may find some bookmarks or favorite links on the site no longer work, as some pages have been consolidated or renamed. We are watching closely to put redirects in place for frequently accessed older links, but updating your bookmarks is always better than relying on redirects that may one day be removed.  Take a look through the new menus, the right information isn't far away!

We're not done yet: What's coming?

The new site design is the first step in a bigger process.  There are more features planned moving forward into the school year and beyond.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Preliminary screenshot of the new CFA resources site under construction.
Preliminary screenshot of the new CFA
resources site under construction.

Unified Internal Resources

Students, faculty, and staff will soon be able to find all the forms and degree documents they need in one place, no matter the department or major. In the past documents and files were linked on separate pages per unit and sometimes split between Undergraduate and Graduate when some forms were universal. By mid-August all resources will be organized and hosted on an internal Sharepoint site where students, faculty, and staff can log in to access and view everything.  Don't worry about losing the separate site in the shuffle, there will still be links in the menus here to find it when you need it!

Marquee Events

Ever wanted to know the big arts thing happening in Lexington this weekend?  Wish you could point friends and visitors to one place where they could find details and buy tickets for CFA productions?  Coming soon to the front page of is a curated listed of our biggest shows with direct links to purchase tickets online through the Singletary Center Box Office.  All CFA events will still be viewable on the events calendar as well as in the upcoming events feeds low on each page, so if you love those niche lectures and smaller performances they will still be just a couple clicks away!

Online Payment

We get it, still having to handle checks and cash is a hassle.  Credit and debit cards can be so much easier, especially when paying in advance for programs like the Fine Arts Institute or Music Education Summer Training.  This feature is the farthest out on the horizon, as it requires coordinating with several University departments and ensuring a completely secure system, but we've got it on the drawing board and are working towards offering online payment.


Check out the new look for yourself, find all the little details that have changed, and see what's stayed the same.  We're glad you're back, and we're so happy to be taking that next step forward.