Graduation Salutations

Class of 2020, we salute you! While your academic journey isn't ending as expected, we know that, as creatives, you rise to a challenge.

You may not be walking together in Rupp, but you have earned your degree under the most tenuous circumstances. We can and we must celebrate you!

What memories will you take away from your time at CFA? What would you like to say to your friends or faculty? What people or places have made your time at CFA unforgettable? Please drop photos or video (and a brief description in a Google doc if needed) into this Google folder. Please name your documents: [last name]_[first name]_[major]. If you submit a video we would prefer portrait format.

We will share your achievements and memories on our social media and website.

We welcome submissions from faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and current students, as well!

Submissions due Monday, May 5.

#CFASeniorsUKY #UKGrad