2020 Graduate Becomes First Recipient of Emerging Arts Leadership Award

The UK Department of Arts Administration recently awarded the first Emerging Arts Leader Award to 2020 graduate Logan McDonald. 

The Emerging Arts Leader Award Fund was established in 2017 as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of Arts Administration at the University of Kentucky. Presented by Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lee Eachus and Arts Admin Department Chair, Dr. Rachel Shane. “The award is designed to provide financial assistance to students who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and determination the Department envisions for its graduates. Accompanying the award, is a cash prize to help offset the financial costs associated with transitioning from college into the workplace and who demonstrate leadership, initiative, and a strong commitment to the arts.” Says Dr. Rachel Shane, Chair of the UK Arts Administration Department.  

“Logan exemplifies the spirit of why this award was created. His determination and drive to bring arts and learning experiences to others throughout his time at UK was unparalleled. Logan created and led initiatives to ensure all students in arts administration could benefit in extracurricular ways. Significantly, as a freshman, Logan volunteered and served as a leader on the student committee that was charged with creating and fundraising for the Emerging Arts Leader Award as part of the Department of Arts Administration’s 30th anniversary. We know Logan will continue to pursue his passion to make art happen.” 

Logan McDonald in Washington DC for Arts Advocacy Day
2019 Arts Advocacy Day, Washington, D.C.

McDonald is currently living in Chicago, Illinois campaigning for the Democratic National Convention. This fall he plans to pursue his career in Arts Administration with an Apprenticeship in Production and Company Management for Studio Theatre in Washington, DC.  

“It has taken me a few days to find the words that accurately express my gratitude for being the first recipient of the Emerging Arts Leader award from the Department of Arts Administration. All I can say is that I promise to always strive to be the type of Arts Leader that I would want to follow. I will work hard everyday to share the love, wisdom, and light that has been poured upon me over the last four years by faculty, mentors, and now colleagues. I’m determined. I’m resilient. I’m humbled.”  







Emerging Arts Leader Award Fund 

The Emerging Arts Leader Award Fund was established in 2017 as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Arts Administration program. Cash awards will be provided to students annually who demonstrate leadership, initiative, and a strong commitment to the arts. 


The award recognizes students whose leadership, initiative, and vision inspires other students, the field, and/or community.   


  • Graduating BA or MA students in Arts Administration in good academic standing. 
  • Demonstration of initiative throughout academic career in the Department of Arts Administration.             
  • Positive impact on other students, the field, and/or the community. 
  • Visionary thinking for the value and future of the arts. 


Nominations are submitted by the faculty. The recipient is determined by faculty vote.