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Recital Recording Request

Please ensure that you have paid your recital fee prior to submitting, otherwise this form submission is invalid.  Submissions must be received 2 weeks in advance of your recital date.  If you don't know what the recital fee is or whether you have paid it, please contact the School of Music Office.

Submission agreement, located below:
In exchange for one CD or downloadable recording of this performance, I agree to notify the School of Music and the recording engineer(s) at least 48 hours in advance of any changes to the above information, including but not limited to: Cancellation, rescheduling, and change of location. I also understand this form must be filled out and turned in at least two weeks in advance to GUARANTEE a recording. However, at certain times of the year there are numerous concerts being performed and it cannot be guaranteed that my recital will be recorded. I understand in this situation it will be first come, first serve. Please consult this calendar when considering recording services availability. Violation of this agreement may result in the forfeiture of my right to a recording.