Zachary Miller

INTERESTS: Percussion Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, Wildcat Marching Band 

Hello, I’m Zach! The arts are an incredibly unique field to pursue a degree in, mostly because it’s one of the only areas where you can truly express yourself for who you are and what you represent. It is also incredibly rewarding: with concerts, musicals, slams, exhibits, and personalized events - there’s always a way to show just how much finesse you can bring to the table. As a musician, I might only be heavily involved in one area of the arts spectrum, but I love to experience anything that people consider art. Music is also a very special field as it shows emotion through the beauty of rich harmony and deep dissonance. I think this is important to point out, as almost all aspects of day-to-day life involve some form of music. Listening to a favorite song on your way to class, writing a short rap to remember important terms on a test, or even just eating lunch with friends and having music in the background; music is literally everywhere! While growing up, I was bullied for how I presented myself and my personality. This, coupled with family issues, put me into an uncomfortable situation in my late-childhood. It wasn’t until I discovered my love for playing music that I truly thought I had an outlet for the things happening in my life. Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to music and helping other people experience the joy of finding their voice through it. Music has been, and always will be, a universal language, because we all might not understand each other’s languages, but we can all understand music. 


A lot of people think that a career in the arts is foolish and pointless, because there aren’t a lot of jobs that require artists. This is incredibly far from the truth, especially in times like this! Art fosters creativity and the use of your imagination. Everyone can benefit from having some form of art in your life: music, painting, writing; you name it! The world needs art and we’re going to give it to them!

Music Education