Zachary Miller

INTERESTS: UK Percussion Ensemble, UK Wind Symphony, UK Symphony Orchestra, and UK Opera Opera Theatre.
HOMETOWN: Richmond, Kentucky

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved music. It’s just one of those things that goes beyond language and cultural barriers so that everyone understands and enjoys it. Music also falls into a huge category called “The Arts”; and without art, I doubt I’d be here today. Art is such an important means of reflection and self expression to the artist and the people that view it, and I think it’s because of this factor that I want to have a career in the Arts. I started playing music consistently in the 6th grade as a hobby; it was fun and gave me something to do in my spare time. It wasn’t until about 8th grade that music changed (and very much saved) my life. I was going through some incredibly tough family changes that just seemed to hit me from every way without warning. That, coupled with the fact that I was bullied on a regular basis, really just belittled me to the point of feeling lost and worthless. But, somehow when I had lost all hope, music just spoke and comforted me in a way that no person ever could. It was at that point that I realized music and art is special to so many people for the same reason, and I never wanted someone to feel like I felt ever again. Art is incredible because not only is it a point blank reflection of the artist themselves, but how it can affect the audience that interprets the art. With so many special ways to create art, it’s incredibly important to help show people the value of being an artist in our society. Finally, art is amazing, not because of how long it took you to make it or dream it up, but because it can (very literally) be anything you make/do for any reason. Simply incredible.


To help young artists know that they can make a successful career in the arts. There seems to be a stigma surrounding art that “You won’t make money” or “It’s a dead field” when both of those statements are far from the truth. If you put it in the time, effort, and work, you WILL be successful, and I want to help incoming artists at UK understand that and smash the stigma.

Music Education