Chasity Thompson

INTERESTS: Clarinet, Symphony Orchestra, and Wind Symphony

After living in Germany for the first 6 years of my life, I moved to the states to go to school in the middle of nowhere. I started playing the clarinet in 6th grade and started the bass clarinet in 7th grade, I’ve went the last 7 years playing one for an extended amount of time then switching and playing the other for an extended amount of time. Fun facts about me is that I was a part of the 2019 Music for All Honor Band of America and also have perfect pitch. Additionally, I play 5 other instruments, with my favorite being the recorder, which I play through my nose. I love being an ambassador because I get to talk to people about the fun experiences that UK and the College of Fine Arts has to offer. Be sure to follow me on Instagram - @PairofCs 


To talk to people about my fun experiences at the University of Kentucky and to recruit more people because the College of Fine Arts is definitely the best school. 

Music Education
Music Liberal Arts