University of Kentucky String Project

Photograph of String Project students of various grades and backgrounds standing on the Singletary center stage after a year-end performance.

The UKSP provides instrument instruction on violin, viola, cello and bass for children from age 7 and up. The students of the UKSP receive weekly group lessons, as well as performance opportunities throughout the semester. The classes are taught by the director, Dr. Tze-Ying Wu Assistant Professor of Viola and String Education of University of Kentucky, and Ethan Young, Cello instructor at UK String Project and Adjunct Cello Instructor at Henderson State University.

The UK String Project is a member of the National String Project Consortium, an organization committed to the development and growth of string education across the nation.

Enrollment is limited and is on a first come basis.

Summer 2020

June 27 - July 26, 2020

The UK String Project is striving to offer an online comprehensive program during the summer which provides instruction in a variety of subjects related to string playing including technique building, performance, and music theory. Virtual private and group lessons are conducted via Zoom.

Each week we offer:

  • 30-minute one-on-one private lesson (time arranged between the teacher and the student)
  • 30-minute music theory class with topics including note reading, rhythms, intervals, and musical terminologies and forms. Theory classes are divided by age and the class assignment will be communicated after registration.
    • Theory A (younger students) - Sunday 3-3:30 PM
    • Theory B (older students) - Sunday 3:30-4 PM
  • 30-minute group classes. Group classes are divided by instruments and levels
    • Violin A (Beginner) - Saturday 10-10:30 AM
    • Violin B (Intermediate) - Saturday 10-:30-11 AM
    • Violin C (Advanced) - Saturday 11-11:30 AM
    • Viola (Mixed level) - Saturday 1:30-2 PM
    • Cello (Mixed level) - Saturday 1-1:30 PM

Additional class offerings and activities include:

  • String Class for Parents: a class that teaches parents how to tune the instrument and provides tips on how to practice with your children at home
  • Faculty Virtual Recital: a 30 minute performance given by Dr. Tze-Ying Wu and Mr. Ethan Young
  • Student Virtual Recital: final recital given by the students to conclude the summer session

The project fee covers all activities throughout the session and is non-refundable. The UK String Project offers two payment levels. Please pay what you can afford among the options below.

  • Regular: $130
  • Reduced: $100

Registration Deadline: June 15th, 2020

Please contact Dr. Tze-Ying Wu for any questions.

Project Fee*


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