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New Horizons Strings GroupThe New Horizons Music program at the University of Kentucky provides entry points to music making for adults, including those with no musical experience at all and those who were active in school music programs but have been inactive for some time. Many adults would like an opportunity to learn music in a group setting similar to that offered in schools, but the last entry point in many cases was elementary school. For most of the last century, nearly 20% of high school students nationally participated in music. We estimate that at least 80% of the adult population needs beginning instruction in order to participate in making music. New Horizons Music programs serve that need.

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Your Local Chapter of the New Horizons Program

The local New Horizons program is housed in the College of Fine Arts on the University of Kentucky campus and features four groups: Concert Band, Jazz Band, string ensemble, and a woodwind ensemble. Either a member of the School of Music faculty or a music student assists with the groups. The groups perform at least once a semester.  

The groups run on the semester and University Calendar. The cost for instruction, music, and rehearsal and performance space - and, of course, the opportunity for socialization - is $80 per semester.


  • Concert Band: Tuesdays 7:30 - 9pm, College of Fine Arts Building Room 22.
  • Jazz Band: Tuesdays 6 - 7pm, College of Fine Arts Building Room 107.
  • String Ensemble: Saturdays 10 - 11am, College of Fine Arts Building Room 22.
  • Wind Ensemble: Saturdays 11am - noon, College of Fine Arts Building Room 22.

To join a New Horizons Group, contact Melissa Deaton,

Instruments available at Don Wilson Music, Willis Music, or Hurst Music.


Email: We stay in touch with our members through email, so a working email you can access is important.

Cancelation: Cancelation of rehearsals will follow the Fayette County Public Schools. If the Schools are closed because of ice and snow, we will be as well. The safety of our members comes first!

Parking: This is a problem on the UK campus, particularly during the week. To avoid getting a ticket or being towed there are three solutions to the issue:

  • Find a legal parking spot on the street and park.
  • Pay $2 per hour in the Rose Street structure.  Anything over two minutes into the next hour will result in you having to pay $2 more.
  • Visitor parking passes are available through UK Parking.

Carrying larger instruments without personal transportation can be difficult, but if your vehicle is out of commission or you have other circumstances the Lextran city bus system is an option! Both Tates Creek and Woodhill routes, inbound and outbound, have stops on Euclid Avenue at Rose Street - just a couple minutes walk from the Fine Arts Building. If you are coming from elsewhere in the city, buses can be transferred downtown at the transit center. Bus fare is $1 per ride or $0.50 for qualifying seniors with a Lextran approved ID card; transfers are free. A variety of passes can also be purchased to help make your transit time smoother and save you money.  Read more about Lextran's fare structure and how to get a senior/disability ID card here.


Michael Hudson
Interim Program Director and Director of the Concert Band

Deb Sogin
Assistant Director & Director of the Woodwind Ensemble

David Sogin
Director of the String Ensemble

Professor Brad Kerns
Director of the Jazz Band

Melissa Deaton
Graduate Assistant

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