Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

Course No.:  MUC 171
Audition Requirements: Check with the director for details.

The University of Kentucky Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble is a regularly meeting performing organization within the UK School of Music that performs many concerts each year including Children's Concerts, Lexington's annual Octoberfest, as well as formal recitals. The group has appeared in concerts in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Minneapolis. Particular high points in the group's performing experience were an appearance on the "Lonesome Pine Christmas Special" at the Kentucky Center in Louisville and their concerts at International Tuba-Euphonium Conferences in 1992, 1998, and 2002. The UK Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble performance repertoire is, because of the wide demands of their performing venues, eclectic — ranging from J.S. Bach to Duke Ellington with Sousa Marches in between!

UK Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

When people normally think of a group of tubas playing together, thoughts of massed pachyderms come immediately to mind. Tuba-Euphonium Ensembles possess a remarkably sonorous timbre and wide dynamic range from extremely soft to brutally loud. The University of Kentucky Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble is actually comprised of both tubas and euphoniums.  The euphonium is half the size of a tuba, has a higher, lighter sound, and plays most of the melodic parts within the group.  There is a continually expanding repertoire of works written specifically for the tuba-euphonium ensemble by some well-recognized composers.  A great deal of tuba-euphonium ensemble music was originally written for other musical ensembles and specially arranged for the group.