Travel, Housing, and Materials

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For students attending our summer programs from outside Lexington, there are multiple options for comfortable and affordable housing conducive to study.

North Campus Residence Halls (Jewell Hall, 344 S. Martin Luther King Blvd, Lexington, KY 40508)

You may request housing when you register online for either Orff or Dalcroze. Be prepared to indicate your check in and check out dates as well as whether or not you will need linens. Rooms are two private rooms with doors that lock and a shared common area and bathroom. You may request a roommate for the shared space; otherwise we will place you with a same-gendered person.

Cost is $35 per person per night; no linens. Beds are Full XL. If you bring your own sheets, it’s recommended that you bring two flat full sheets. Linens can be provided (2 sheets, pillows, pillow cases, towels, washcloths, blankets) for an additional $10 per night. Private rooms come with a closet, desk, and chair. Common area has a mini-fridge, microwave, and sinks.

There is a shared kitchen. Cooking utensils may be “checked out” from the main desk, but bring your own food and eating utensils. Please do not leave food unattended and cleanup after yourself.

Laundry Facilities are on site: $1.25 per load (credit card only). Bring your own detergent. Garbage must be taken to an outside receptacle. DO NOT leave outside of your room.

Payment for housing is made out to University of Kentucky School of Music and mailed to:
Dr. Martina Vasil
105 Fine Arts Building
Lexington, KY 40508

Please indicate on your check which program the housing will be for: Modern Band, Orff, Or Dalcroze.

Changes to Reservation/Questions:

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AirBnb / Hotel

Past participants have found success staying at people’s homes through this service. You can often rent entire homes and split the cost among several people. As low as $25/night within walking distance of the Fine Arts Building (465 Rose St).  Please check the site for more details and be sure to read all offers, rules, and requirements carefully. The University of Kentucky is not responsible for agreements made through this external company.

For hotel lodging, we recommend the Holiday Inn Express near campus.


There are a couple of ways to come to Lexington, KY from out of state.  If you are in the region and don't mind extra travel time, a cost effective travel method is Greyhound Bus.  Travel times can be long for those only two or three states away, but many roundtrip tickets only cost $45.  Those students who are farther afield or would prefer shorter travel times,  the Bluegrass Airport (LEX) is located in Fayette County with convenient city bus service to downtown and campus as well as car rental service available at baggage claim.  Cheaper flights may also be available through Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati International Airport (CVG) and Louisville International Airport (SDF), but with the added necessity of renting a car and driving to Lexington.  As always, please check these sites for more details and be sure to read all offers, rules, and requirements carefully. The University of Kentucky is not responsible for agreements made through external companies.


Parking on campus can be a challenge, especially as a visitor. Limited free on-street parking is available during the day, though you cannot park where the sidewalks are painted yellow or in front of fire hydrants. All campus lots require a permit. You may purchase weekly visitors permits or daily “scratch-off” parking permits through the Parking and Transportation Services Offices. You cannot purchase permits ahead of time, unfortunately. You have to go to the office location at 721 Press Avenue, M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and complete the permit purchase in person.  For more information about parking on campus as well as campus shuttles, see the UK Transportation Services Parking Information pages.
*Please call to ensure current prices on permits. They are slow to update their website. (859) 257-9000

Parking Information: E-lots are free on weekends (park in the blue lots on the map - click to download - indicated by red arrows).


Besides supplies for you preferred method of note taking as well as staff paper for any potential composing activities, there are some required and suggested items for the optimal class experience. You may purchase all required materials during the courses at a discounted workshop rate from West Music representatives, Chris McDowell and Shannon Stieha. If you already own some of the materials, please place your name on each item.

Orff Schulwerk

Level 1 Requirements

  • Music for Children, Vol. I (Murray edition)
  • Rhythmische Ubung (Keetman)
  • Sweet Pipes Recorder, Book I (Soprano)
  • Basic Recorder Techniques II (Soprano)
  • Complimentary Yamaha Soprano Recorder

West Music provides you with a complimentary Yamaha Soprano Recorder.

Level 2 Requirements

  • Music for Children Vol. II (Murray edition)
  • Music for Children Vol. IV (Murray edition)
  • Rhythmische Ubung (Keetman) (May have from level I)
  • Basic Recorder Technique Book 2 (Alto)
  • Sweet Pipes Recorder, Book 1 (Alto)
  • Aulos 309 Alto Recorder


Suggested Books

  • The Rhythm Inside: Connecting Body, Mind and Spirit through Music by J. Schlenby-Black & S. Moore
  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Today’s Classroom by Virginia Hoge Mead
  • Rhythm and Movement: Applications of Dalcroze Eurhythmics by Elsa Findlay


Due to the significant amount of movement in class, there are daily wardrobe recommendations and requirements.

  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. Workout, dance, or yoga are the best options.
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater. After eurhythmics in the morning, later sedentary classes can feel cold.
  • Use dance shoes if you prefer not to go barefoot.  If you must wear sneakers due to medical conditions, bring a clean pair to change into.
    • NO OUTSIDE SHOES. Eurhythmics classes are often conducted in dance studios. The small rocks and street debris that can be carried in shoe treads could cut other students' feet and damage the floor. Please do not wear any shoes during class that have been used outside.

Expect to spend about $40-70 to purchase books. You may purchase all materials in whatever store (online or brick&mortar) is most convenient for you. Please place your name on each item you bring to class to prevent confusion.

West Music Company will provide Orff instruments for the level courses. These will be available for sale at reduced prices. If your school is adopting a textbook this year, you might consider using some of your allotment to purchase musical instruments. Please have your district authority approve this ahead of time. Contact for more details. West Music will provide a bookstore open during lunch each day in Room 107 selling required materials for the courses as well as reference materials, recorders, supplies, and a variety of children’s literature. In addition, the University Bookstore has a large selection of books and supplies. If you have special needs for materials or billing, call West Music ahead of time to send the materials to avoid a shipping charge. Visit