Leigh Rudner and Friends

Friday, November 13, 2020

Originally from Michigan, Baltimore-based cellist Leigh Rudner began exploring the world through music at a young age. After first experiencing old time music as a fifth-grade fiddle student at a fiddle workshop in Saline, Michigan, over the years Leigh has gravitated toward cello as her primary performance medium and has been influenced by musicians ranging from Brad Leftwich, Jay Ungar, and Erynn Marshall to Natalie Haas, Mike Block, and Tristan Clarridge. Leigh enjoys sharing her passion for old time music with others.

The dynamic father-son team Ken & Brad Kolodner weave together a captivating soundscape on hammered dulcimer and clawhammer banjo blurring the lines of Old-Time, Bluegrass, and American Roots music. Regarded as one of the most influential hammered dulcimer players in North America, Baltimore’s Ken Kolodner has joined forces with his son Brad Kolodner, a renowned clawhammer banjo player. They've sculpted their own brand of driving, innovative, tasteful acoustic roots music with a “creative curiosity that lets all listeners know that a passion for traditional music yet thrives in every generation.” The hypnotizing groove of the percussive hammered dulcimer and rhythmic clawhammer banjo is the core of their sound. They are joined by bassist Alex Lacquement who locks everything together with his commanding presence and the dynamic multi-instrumentalist Rachel Eddy on fiddle and guitar. The quartet won 1st place in the Neo-Traditional Band Contest at the Appalachian Stringband Festival in the summer of 2019. They released their fourth studio album "Stony Run" in March 2020.