Faculty & Staff

CFA Leadership

Dean of the College of Fine Arts
Associate Director of the School of Art and Visual Studies
Associate Professor of Photography
Associate Dean
Associate Professor of Voice
Chair, Theatre and Dance
Associate Professor, Theatre Set & Lighting Design
Associate Director of the School of Music, Professor
Voice, Music Education, Associate Director of Choirs
Director of UK Art Museum
Part Time Instructor, Museum Studies
Director of the School of Art and Visual Studies
Professor of Art History. Twentieth Century and Contemporary
Director, School of Music
Associate Professor
Assistant Dean, Acting Director of the Singletary Center
Chair of Department of Arts Administration

Full Listing

Adjunct Professor
Drawing and Printmaking
Executive Assistant
Associate Professor Emeritus
Professor of Theatre
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Costume Design
Administrative Support Associate
Part-Time Instructor
Digital Media and Design
Administrative Support Associate
Auditions Coordinator
Part-Time Instructor
Arts Administration
Ensemble Support Specialist
Instructional Designer, Part-Time Instructor
Arts Administration
Academic Advisor
Marketing & Ticketing Specialist
SA/VS Program Facilitator
Musicology, Provost's Distinguished Service Professor
Part-Time Instructor
Director of Studio Foundations
Part-Time Instructor and Fine Arts Institute Administrator