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Please keep these in mind:

  1. While we appreciate the desire to spread the word about your event, we are focused on promoting the arts in the community and our faculty & student endeavors. We reserve the right to decline submissions at our discretion.
  2. The Singletary Center for the Arts requires a signed contract and EMS confirmation before they promote events taking place in their venue spaces. We do not handle the Singletary Center event postings on our calendar. Please be sure to complete the EMS submission in a timely manner and send any additional Singletary event details to Any submissions to this form for Singletary events will be ignored.
  3. If this is your first time submitting an event: calendar users enjoy interesting titles, detailed descriptions, and appropriate visuals. Take some time to come up with a compelling title, at least a paragraph describing your event/exhibition/recital/performance/etc., and possibly a relevant image. The image could be a headshot, an example of your work, or a poster. However, only required fields below must be submitted to have your event posted to the calendar.
  4. We reserve the right to make changes before posting as we see fit. If a submission requires extensive copy editing or fact checking, we will not post it.
  5. Music Students Please Note: The old recital publicity form has been removed and the process rolled into one college-wide form. As long as your recital is not in the Singletary Center you are in the right place to get your recital on the calendar!

Listing requests are posted on Tuesdays. If your event has already been posted but you have spotted an error, details have changed, or your event has been canceled please email Jennifer with a link to the event and the changes that need to be made.

If your event occurs at different times during one day or over a number of days (ex. - 7pm Saturday and 2pm Sunday), please fill out a separate submission for each time+date combination.

Different from "Related Department", "Event Type" is tags used to help group events and give a simple idea of what the event is about at a glance.

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Singletary and Art Museum events
do NOT go through this form and
will not be posted if submitted here.

Please speak with the Singletary Center event staff directly
to find out how you can get your event posted to the calendar
as soon as possible.

Please provide the name and location of your off-campus venue.
If applicable.
Even if your event has no entry fee, please specify if it is free or requires an RSVP.
Please note: if you submit an RSVP required event with no contact information, we will not post it.
Please note: if you submit an RSVP required event with no contact information, we will not post it.
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