Jada Poku-Mensah

Jada Poku-Mensah is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky majoring in Music Education with a focus in Viola. This is her second year as a member in the Creative Arts Living Learning Program and first as a peer mentor. In addition, she is a UK String Project teacher and a member of the UK Symphony Orchestra for the College of Fine Arts. She has a passion for helping and supporting others, is an advocate for the Arts and mental health awareness. Her skills on viola have given her many scholarships and opportunities here at the University of Kentucky, and she strives for success in her future career in the Arts. The Creative Arts LLP was a “safe haven” for Jada during her freshman year, as it surrounded her with like-minded people, and comforted her with mentors that cared. It brought her to where she is now, and also gave her great close friends.

Music Education