Jobs and Internships - Listing Request

Do you have a position at your business or organization for a creative individual? We can spread the word to our students and alumni.

Please submit your opportunity to be reviewed by our staff. If everything is in order, the position will be posted for up to 6 weeks after approval or until your predetermine application deadline. If the position is filled or cancelled before the posting expires please email so that we may remove it.

New submissions are reviewed weekly and posted on Mondays and Fridays. Depending on volume, submissions received on posting days may be pushed to the next. Submissions may be edited for clarity or formatting by CFA staff before posting.

Please select which areas your position most applies to so we can sort them onto the most appropriate list(s).
A more specific position label that helps the right artist find your job. Select as many as are appropriate.

The School of Art & Visual Studies is now using UK Career Services' Handshake system to help students find jobs and opportunities.  If your job listing is primarily art-focused, please submit your listing on Handshake.

Artistic opportunities that are private, one-time jobs (such as home murals, wedding photography, etc.) or include another component (such as marketing, theatre productions, etc.) may still be submitted here for possible inclusion in our listings.

i.e. - "Cincinnati Art Museum", "Jensen Wedding", "The Playhouse", etc.

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