Savannah Wills

Savannah is in her second year as a double major in Arts Administration and Art History at UK and is originally from Nashville! Her whole family is from Lexington, though, so she was definitely born a Wildcat.

She absolutely loves Impressionist and Cubist art, but French architecture will always have a special place in her heart. When she isn’t studying, she likes to photograph with some of her Polaroid cameras. In order to remain sane while taking too many classes, Savannah practices yoga and goes running. Her aspiration is to end up with a career immersed in the arts.

In high school, Savannah was involved with a lot of theatre and had never actually taken an Art History course until coming to UK! She participated in theatre productions and was also captain of the forensics team. She was president of the Habitat for Humanity club, part of the International Thespian Honor Society, and was a freshman mentor for two years. Savannah chose to be a Student Ambassador for the College of Fine Arts because she was looking to become more engage with school. She hopes to inspire students to find their passions within the College of Fine Arts at UK.

Art History & Visual Studies
Arts Administration
Arts Administration, Art History, Theatre, Drawing, French