Alia Holland

INTERESTS: I have a strong interest in helping others and self-development/growth. Hip-Hop Dance is my favorite style of dance. I also enjoy drawing and painting.
HOMETOWN: Evanston, Illinois

Hey friends! I'm Alia! I am a Junior studying Arts Administration and minoring in Dance. I'm from Chicago, IL. Coming from a big city like Chicago, Lexington originally wasn't my cup of tea. I attended UK my Freshman year but took a gap year my sophomore year but now I am back, happy, and ready to finish out my degree! Dance and helping others has always been my passion. With my degree, I hope to open a dance studio for inner city kids. I had quickly found my place and community on campus and friends that are now inseparable. On-campus I'm a part of Implicit Dance Crew. I also enjoy other arts such as painting and piano. I am super excited to get to know to meet everyone and get to know them more!


I wanted to become a CFA Student Ambassador because when I was an incoming freshman and I had my first experience with a student ambassador which truly changed my mindset of the College of Fine Arts and UK as a whole. I feel like I have a positive presence and story that could impact a students decision on being a part of the Fine Arts at UK.

Arts Administration
Dance Minor