Degree Requirements

ApplyCoursework Requirements
The minimum coursework required is 46 hours. Up to 9-credit hours may be transferred into the program for students who have taken courses above the requirements of a master's degree with the advice of the student's advisory committee, Director of Graduate Studies, and Graduate School approval.

AAD 655 - Cultural Policy (3 credit hours)
AAD 665 - Creative Cities, Creative Placemaking, & Community Vibrancy (3 credit hours)
AAD 629 - Organization Theories in Arts Administration (3 credit hours)
AAD 720 - Sustaining Leadership in the Arts (3 credit hours)
AAD 790 - Arts & Culture Research Studies (3 credit hours)
EPE/EDP 557 - Gathering, Using and Analyzing Educational Data I (3 credit hours)
EPE 619 - Survey Research (3 credit hours)
EPE/EDP 620 - Introduction to Evaluation (3 credit hours)
EPE 663 - Field Studies in Educational Settings (3 credit hours)
AAD 795 - Arts Administration Research Planning and Proposal Writing (3 credit hours)
Students will select 9 credit hours of coursework within the Department of Arts Administration at the 500-,600-, or 700-level.
Students wishing to take coursework outside of the Department of Arts Administration should receive approval from the DGS prior to enrollment.
ELECTIVE (3 hours)
Students may select 3 credit hours of elective course work within or outside the Department of Arts Administration. Student should consult with their advisor to select elective course(s).
DISSERTATION CREDIT (minimum of 4 credit hours)

AAD 767: Dissertation Residency Credit*
Students must register for this course in the semester of their qualifying examination. A minimum of two semesters are required as well as continuous enrollment (in fall and spring semesters) until the dissertation is complete. These hours constitute full-time enrollment. (4 (+) (Minimum number of AAD 767 credit hours required. Students must continually enroll until degree is complete.))

Earned master's degree in Arts Administration plus...(46 (+) (Minimum number of credit hours required. Students who do not complete their dissertation within two semesters must continually enroll in AAD 767 until the degree is complete.))

*Students need not be physically on campus while enrolled in course work or dissertation residency hours. The term “residency” refers to continual enrollment. 

Degree Requirements

PhD in Arts Administration students must complete all of the following requirements:

  • Complete all assigned foundational coursework (if applicable);
  • Complete all PhD coursework (minimum of 46 hours) while maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 on all graduate work attempted at UK,
  • Pass the written and oral dissertation proposal in the fourth semester of coursework,
  • Write three chapters of a dissertation based on the approved proposal;
  • Complete a written dissertation based on the approved proposal and comprehensive exam; and
  • Successfully defend the dissertation in an oral presentation.
Students completing these requirements will earn a PhD in Arts Administration and a Certificate in Research Methods in Education.

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