TLC, Part II: Conservation and the Collection

Aug 17 2019 to Feb 17 2020
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Henry Clay Portrait by James Reid Lambdin

TLC, Part II: Conservation and the Collection
August 17, 2019 – February 17, 2020

In celebrating the Museum’s fortieth anniversary, this exhibition continues to recognize the institution’s mission to preserve the almost 5,000 works in the permanent collection. The paintings in this installation have all received tender loving care by a conservator, an arts professional who is equal parts chemist and artist.

Portraiture, landscapes, and genre paintings are featured, and a majority of the works have ties to Kentucky. Clifford Amyx, Sudduth Goff, Samuel Woodson Price, Paul Sawyier, and William Welsh are all artists born in the Commonwealth, while James Reid Lambdin created a striking portrait of Kentuckian Henry Clay.

TLC, Part II is also a tribute to Chicago conservator Barry Bauman, who, after years of running an internationally known conservation studio, retired and offered his services pro bono to non-profit organizations to care for their treasures. Bauman has treated 47 paintings for the Museum.

James Reid Lambdin, Henry Clay, undated, oil on canvas. Collection of the UK Art Museum, gift of Mrs. James Ben Ali Haggin.
(left) before conservation and (right) after conservation.




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