Past Exhibitions

May 6 2016 to Jul 31 2016
painting by Natalie Frank

a video of Natalie Frank talking about her "Brothers Grimm" exhibition

A virtuoso painter and draftswoman, Natalie Frank extends the venerable figurative tradition, finding ways to present the human body in complex new narratives of desire and...

Jul 30 2016 to Nov 27 2016
Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Timed to coincide with this year’s election, POTUS (President of the United States) features representations of individuals who have been president, as well as those who aspire to the office.

Drawn from the Museum’s permanent collection, borrowed from UK Special Collections, and...

Jul 30 2016 to Nov 27 2016
Schor image

Mira Schor is a New York-based artist and writer who has made numerous contributions to feminist art history and contemporary criticism. Her paintings and drawings offer possibilities for representing the lived experiences of women, examining conditions of power, desire, voice, and vulnerability...

Jul 30 2016 to Nov 27 2016
Lipski exhibition

Since 1979, Donald Lipski’s work has been defined by his ingenious manipulation of common materials in small and large sculptures and installations. Drinking straws, bits of wire, bottles, cigarettes, flags, musical instruments, and countless other everyday items have been assembled into precise...

Jul 30 2016 to Nov 27 2016
Hall photo

James Baker Hall (1935-2009) was a poet, whether employing words or images. His deep connections within Kentucky’s literary and photography communities nurtured his work in both fields. He and Wendell Berry were...

Aug 27 2016 to Nov 27 2016
Louis Zoellar Bickett, "What I Read: Grapes of Wrath"

Since 1972, Louis Zoellar Bickett has maintained a rigorous practice of collecting and cataloging items from his daily life to form a vast archive of found, gifted, purchased, and made objects. Saving Myself...

Jan 18 2017 to Apr 30 2017
Andrea Modica: Best Friends


Andrea Modica is known for the evocative narratives she creates in work such as Best Friends, which explores the deep bonds between high school students in America and Italy. She often works on photographic projects over long periods of time,...

Jan 18 2017 to May 20 2017
Jacquette lithograph

The city—its streets, architecture, energy, and rhythms—has long fascinated artists. New York comes to life in Yvonne Jacquette’s jazzy image of Times Square, Christo’s proposal for a wrapped building, and Louis Lozowick’s view of the Manhattan skyline. Wayne Thiebaud captures San Francisco’s...

Jan 18 2017 to May 20 2017
Ay-O silk screen

Take a few perishable items (flowers, fruits, vegetables) cultural signifiers (books, postcards) or domestic objects (baskets, bowls) and arrange them in a room or on a table. Proceed to render these in great detail or abstract them into suggestive shapes and colors. This is often the first...

Jan 18 2017 to May 20 2017
"Burlesque Queen" by Welsh

The body is a formidable subject for artists—used to explore physicality and presence, issues of identity and agency, aging and mortality. The Museum’s permanent collection includes many “bodies,” appearing in photographs, sculpture, and paintings. They can be humorous, enigmatic, realistic, and...