Past Exhibitions

Sep 12 2015 to Dec 20 2015
Koestenbaum image

An acclaimed author and educator, Wayne Koestenbaum has examined subjects including Andy Warhol, Jackie Onassis, Harpo Marx, opera, fashion, desire, and humiliation. In 2010, he took up the paintbrush, and, since then, has produced hundreds of canvases of male portraits and nudes, landscapes,...

Sep 12 2015 to Dec 20 2015
NINA KATCHADOURIAN - Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style

A profound spirit of invention distinguishes Nina Katchadourian’s work in photography, installation, video, and sound. She has exploited a diverse set of subjects and situations over the years: spider webs in the forest, the color of cars in parking lots, and the performance possibilities of...

Sep 12 2015 to Dec 20 2015
JIM DINE, Untitled, from Glyptotek portfolio, 1989, glaciés transférés etching and aquatint on chine collé

Jim Dine fell in love with a collection of Greek and Roman sculpture he visited in 1987. The antique figures come to life in the etchings they inspired. Robert Rauschenberg found a stuffed angora goat in a second-hand store, famously put a tire around its middle, and stood it on a painting. ...

Sep 12 2015 to Dec 20 2015
Calder Star

John Chamberlain once said, “The definition of sculpture is stance and attitude.” This wide-ranging exhibition presents numerous forms that have been carved, cast, or assembled. In varying scales and materials, they are situated on the floor or on pedestals, hung on the wall, or suspended from...

Jan 23 2016 to Apr 3 2016
Bill Adams drawing: "Bluey"

BILL ADAMS: Blue Madness

Bill Adams is known for his obsessive drawings in...

Jan 23 2016 to Apr 3 2016
Roy Lichtenstein, Small House, 1997, cast aluminum and paint, collection of John and Sue Wieland ©Estate of Roy Lichtenstein

Selections from the Sue and John Wieland Collection...

Feb 12 2016 to May 22 2016
Julien Dupre painting In The Pasture

One + One is a Permanent Collection installation that brings together several artists who repeat signature motifs and or utilize techniques that establish distinct states of the same image with small changes to composition or density. Their works question the notion of singularity and...

Mar 4 2016 to May 22 2016
Paul Shambroom photograph "Bode"

R. C. May Photography Lecture Series:

In his recent series Lost, Paul Shambroom photographs weathered posters of missing pets, digitally enhancing aspects of the ghostly images. He abstracts the owners’ pleas into snippets of...

May 6 2016 to Jul 31 2016
photograph by Duane Michals

This installation of photographs from the Museum’s permanent collection was chosen to accompany the Natalie Frank and Lawrence Tarpey exhibitions. Ralph Eugene Meatyard and Duane Michals are each known for...

May 6 2016 to Jul 31 2016
 I Dream of Dreamy by Lawrence Tarpey

To call Lawrence Tarpey a painter is a bit misleading because he combines a range of techniques to call forth the human and animal imagery that populate his works on paper, panel, and canvas. The Lexington-based...