Past Exhibitions

Sep 6 2014 to Dec 23 2014

As children, we are told not to talk to strangers and, as photographers, that we should avoid putting our subject right in the middle of the composition. Laurel Nakadate does both, and her art is that much better for it. In photographs, videos, and films, she has used the people who’ve crossed...

Sep 6 2014 to Dec 23 2014

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut made drawings throughout his life, and, like writers and musicians including Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Norman Mailer, and Joni Mitchell, found that visual art offered him another outlet for creativity. This exhibition of silkscreen prints features portraits that are both...

Jan 24 2015 to Apr 12 2015

The restrictions of an art form can sometimes provide the most interesting variations. A series of lithographs reproducing Edward Troye’s celebrated nineteenth-century paintings of famous American Thoroughbreds is a case in point. The pose of the horses—intended to showcase desirable traits—...

Jan 24 2015 to Apr 12 2015
Tattoo Project

The Lexington Tattoo Project is a collaboration between artists Kremena Todorova and Kurt Gohde, and poet Bianca Spriggs, whose poem The ____of the Universe: A Love Story inspired numerous residents to have their bodies tattooed with suggestive fragments of text, punctuation marks, and...

Jan 24 2015 to Apr 12 2015

Exhibition Installation Video on Youtube

The three artists in this exhibition are dedicated studio practitioners, each operating between drawing, painting, and sculpture, and using strategies of theme and variation...

Jan 24 2015 to Apr 12 2015
ANYA HABBOUQA, Gaza Parkour Team,Outside Khan Younis Refugee camp, Gaza.

Interview with Tanya Habjouqa

Tanya Habjouqa photographs focus on gender, social, and human rights issues in the Middle East. She approaches her subjects with sensitivity but also with an eye for the absurd. In 2014 she won a World Press Award for...

Feb 11 2015 to Feb 13 2015

Acclaimed Atlanta-based artist Craig Drennen sets up a temporary studio in the Museum in order to complete a painting dedicated to basketball superstar and Hall of Famer Dan Issel. Drennen will slowly render an image of a floating...

May 9 2015 to Jul 26 2015
VAN DEREN COKE, Untitled, 1965, gelatin silver print

American street photography between the 1950s and ealy 1980s combined the observational skills of documentary work with the tightly composed aesthetic of modernism to create images that captured the look and feel of the times. Other Streets contextualizes the recently discovered work of...

May 9 2015 to Jul 26 2015
Maier photo

Vivian Maier, whose photographs have been favorably compared to those of masters like Helen Levitt and Robert Frank, has become as famous for the mysteries surrounding her life as for the strongly composed black-and-white images she made in New York and Chicago from the 1950s through the 1970s....

May 9 2015 to Jul 26 2015
Cornett Folded

With his mane of wild hair and beard, and uniform of overalls and work boots, Chester Cornett (1913-1981) seems to embody the common conception of the Appalachian craftsman: dedicated, naïve, and anti-intellectual. But Cornett was also a visionary, able to create impeccably crafted chairs that...