Jun 1 2019 to Dec 8 2019
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Painting_Baker of the Bread of Abundance by Rockwell Kent

The transcendent quality of light has engaged artists for centuries. This installation drawn from the permanent collection explores literal and metaphoric meanings of illumination. It includes sun-shot landscapes, a gold-leafed Russian icon, a Tiffany lamp, and a curious painting commissioned by the Bituminous Coal Institute, among other works.

In his seventeenth-century painting Virgin and Child with St. Lucy, Italian Baroque painter Giovanni Andrea Donducci explores a traditional theme of religious enlightenment. By contrast, Rockwell Kent’s 1945 Baker of the Bread of Abundance was intended to extol the benefits derived from coal in a work that is atypical of both the artist’s modernist style and his left-wing politics. The French symbolist painter Maurice Denis captures a sublime moment at the end of a day when the sun spreads gleaming gold over the surface of a bay in his 1891 Breton Landscape. Closer to home, shafts of light create a path through a Kentucky scene in Judy Wells’ In the Arbor.

Rockwell Kent, Baker of the Bread of Abundance, from the series Bituminous Coal Institute, circa 1945, oil on canvas. 
Long-term loan from the Department of Mining Engineering, University of Kentucky.
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