Jan 18 2017 to May 20 2017
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Jacquette lithograph

The city—its streets, architecture, energy, and rhythms—has long fascinated artists. New York comes to life in Yvonne Jacquette’s jazzy image of Times Square, Christo’s proposal for a wrapped building, and Louis Lozowick’s view of the Manhattan skyline. Wayne Thiebaud captures San Francisco’s roller coaster hills in a precise etching. In Michael Goodlett’s sculpture, a plane crashes into a burning metropolis, a vision predating the horrors of September 11, 2001.

Van Deren Coke, Edward Fisk, and William D. Frazer contribute views of downtown Lexington in the 1930s. Compare their images of Cheapside, Davis Bottom, and Irishtown with our city today.

image: YVONNE JACQUETTE, Motion Picture (Times Square), 1989-1990, lithograph and silkscreen on paper. UK Art Museum collection

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