Cabinet of Wonder - ONLINE

May 15 2020 to Nov 1 2020
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Chamber of Art and Curiosities (detail)


Simple objects can tell complex stories; and we want to see and hear yours! People of all ages collect things they find meaningful, interesting, valuable, and worthy of keeping. Besides art, these objects include natural materials (stones, shells), cultural items (photographs, books, posters, dishes, autographs, toys, stamps, coins) and other possessions that reflect their experiences, values, and connections to others.

Beginning in the sixteenth century, “cabinets of curiosities” were the repositories of interesting items collected by aristocrats and merchants. The term “cabinet” referred to a room rather than a piece of furniture. These private holdings eventually evolved into the first public museums.

For forty years, the UK Art Museum has evaluated objects for their aesthetic and cultural value, considering what works of art should be presented, preserved, and collected. With Cabinet of Wonder, we are curious to see what kinds of objects others find interesting and important.

Please visit the Cabinet of Wonder Facebook page to post your own wondrous object and to see the other objects that have been posted. Be sure to include a written explanation for your object and why it is special to you. Entries can be submitted on an on-going basis. The online exhibition will be live until Nov. 1, 2020.

If you are unable to post to Facebook, but would still like to participate, please use the submission formComplete all questions, attach image(s), and click submit at the bottom of the form. Staff will review your entry and upload the object for you. For more information, please contact Museum staff at

What wondrous object can you share with us?



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