In the Abstract, Part II

Feb 24 2018 to Jul 22 2018
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Robert Motherwell, "Roth-Handle"

In our continuing investigation of abstraction, we highlight a range of artists who put an emphasis on materials and process. Their works can be intimate or operatic, but they always speak to the physicality of making.


Jake Berthot and David Jeffrey create evocative fields of muted color and spare form. Brice Marden, and Holly Miller each examine spatial borders and various ways of framing space. Ellsworth Kelly positions two blocks of contemplative color in an elegant silkscreen, while Frederic Thursz exploits aspects of collage in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism.


These distinct works and others reveal the attraction that abstraction holds for artists, allowing them an open territory for experimentation and refined craft.


Frederic Matys Thurz










ROBERT MOTHERWELL, Roth-Handle, 1974 - 75, aquatint and collage on handmade Auvergne wove paper. UK Art Museum collection: Acquired by exchange in honor of Richard B. Freeman

FREDERICK MATYS THURSZ, The Sea Itself on its Page, 1964-65, acryclic and collage on canvas. Extended loan from the UK Dept of Agriculture

JASPER JOHNS, Usuyuki, 1979-81, color screenprint on paper. Collection of UK Art Museum




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