Grants and Scholarships for Undergraduate Study

Full tuition and partial tuition scholarships and grants for music study and performance are available through the School of Music. Music scholarships are awarded on ability as demonstrated by the admissions audition, or by demonstrated excellence as a music major or minor. There is no separate application process for Music scholarships. In most areas, music majors are given preference, but talented music minors and students majoring in other fields are also eligible.

Financial assistance through the School of Music is covered below. Also check the university financial aid pages for information on need-based aid, undergraduate merit scholarships, and graduate fellowships.

Please see our Scholarship and Grants pages for more information on specific School of Music grants and scholarships.

General University Financial Aid Information

Exceptional Opportunities:

Alltech Vocal Scholarship Competition

Ensemble performance scholarships:

Scholarships are available to music majors and minors. For information, contact the faculty in charge of your instrument or voice.

Choral and Vocal

A number of scholarships are awarded primarily for voice study and participation in the UK choral program. Experienced singers with a good choral/vocal background are encouraged to audition. Those with less experience and opportunity but who can demonstrate vocal potential and commitment to the choral ensemble tradition are also encouraged to audition.
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Piano and Organ

Piano and Organ Scholarships in varying amounts are awarded on the basis of audition and in consideration of the student's potential for musical development. Serious study of piano or organ is required. The student's responsibility for the scholarship is normally limited to accompanying assignments.

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Generous scholarships are available for talented string students who are majors or minors. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of experience, talent and potential contribution to the University Orchestra. The grant amount is reflective of these criteria.
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Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion

A range of scholarships, up to full tuition in value, are available for wind and percussion students. These grants are based on ability and contribution to the University Bands. Each scholarship requires participation in the bands assigned, and private study with the appropriate applied instructor.
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Jazz Studies

A number of scholarships for jazz study are available for students with special talent in this area of music performance. Students who have experience with jazz keyboard, bass, guitar, percussion, brass and saxes are considered. A scholarship requires participation with the jazz ensemble(s) as assigned.
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Please see our Scholarship and Grants pages for more information on specific School of Music grants and scholarships.