Undergraduate Auditions

All entering students intending to enroll at UK as an UNDERGRADUATE Music Major or Minor must perform an admissions audition for the School of Music. This is required and there are no exceptions. The audition will determine your acceptance into our programs. You may not enroll as a Music major or minor until you have successfully performed an audition.

Attention transfer students: You must obtain a letter of release from your current institution before you can be considered for a scholarship at the University of Kentucky School of Music.

Auditions for Fall 2016 Admission

NOTE: In addition to the preferred audition dates listed on the audition form, individual auditions for admission to the UK School of Music can usually be arranged any time during the year by special arrangement with a faculty member in your area of interest. The dates set on the audition form allow us to process a lot of students at once and help you to plan your calendar.

Considerations when selecting an audition date

If you audition after the general dates, you may not be able to compete for certain University and School of Music scholarship opportunities, and there is a possibility that some programs you want could be filled to capacity. Also, the audition process is competitive -- if you should choose to arrange your audition before these dates, a decision on your acceptance may or may not (at the discretion of the faculty) be delayed until after students have been heard on the regular dates.  Failure to be accepted following an audition does not necessarily mean you are unqualified. It may simply mean that your audition was not strong enough to compete for limited space in our programs. Even if you should not be accepted as a Music major or minor, we encourage you to try out for one of our many ensembles open to any student at UK.

If you should fail your audition, or otherwise decide not to be a Music major or minor, you should contact UK Admissions to change your major to either Undergraduate Studies (UNUS) or another major of your choosing.

All prospective students wishing to audition should submit the online Audition Form, even if they are arranging a special audition time.

Students who are admitted are automatically considered for any School of Music scholarships or grants for which they are eligible. These scholarships and grants are awarded competitively based on the entrance audition and other criteria. There is no separate application for Music scholarships. For other financial aid, including merit scholarships, grants, work-study, loans, etc., see the UK Office of Student Financial Aid.

Acceptance into programs of the School of Music is contingent upon acceptance by UK Admissions. An on-line application for undergraduate students and a lot of other helpful information can be found at the UK Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


  1. Some programs may schedule other dates or have other restrictions.
  2. Graduate Voice, Graduate Choral Conducting, and Graduate Percussion programs require PRE-SCREENING auditions via DVD with EARLIER DEADLINES FOR SUBMISSION.

Regular Audition Dates:

  • Friday Jan. 29 2016
  • Saturday Jan. 30 2016
  • Friday Feb. 12 2016
  • Saturday Feb. 13 2016
  • Friday Mar. 4 2016
  • Saturday Mar. 5 2016

You should select a date listed for your audition. In certain extenuating circumstances, auditions may also be scheduled at any time by direct arrangement with our faculty at their discretion. We encourage you to audition on the Saturday audition dates when possible but please note if the date you chose is already full our faculty may request to see you on a different date.  Undergraduates are highly encouraged to choose Saturday audition dates due to the lack of parking on campus during regular class days & times.

Special competitions by invitation only:

Invitations to audition in the Alltech competition are made based on your UK admissions auditions. All students are considered for the competition when they audition for admission. You may not apply for this opportunity, but if invited to compete, you will need to arrange to be on campus on the competition dates.  After you register online you will be contacted by email or phone confirming your audition date, time, and location.