Music Therapy at UK

The UK School of Music offers the state’s first and only graduate degree program in music therapy. The master’s degree consists of 30 credit hours with both thesis and clinical track options. Clinical training opportunities in physical and mental healthcare are available within the UK HealthCare system, and additional opportunities are available within the Lexington community.

Individuals without an undergraduate degree in music therapy can pursue the combined equivalency master’s degree program, which enables them to complete all entry-level competencies not met at the undergraduate level prior to finalizing the master’s degree requirements. Entry-level competencies consist of music, music therapy, and behavioral science coursework; specific courses required will be individualized based on each student’s previous academic training.

Individuals interested in the Master’s degree or Combined Equivalency-Master’s program must first be admitted to the University and then admitted to the School of Music. Admission information can be found on the UK Graduate Website. Additional information on the general entrance requirements for the School of Music can be found at the Music web pages. Specific information on the entrance requirements for the music therapy program will be posted upon approval. Interested individuals may contact Dr. Olivia Swedberg Yinger for more information.